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Our Features

Any Time Anywhere Learning

All learning & teaching resources available just by a click.

Highly Affordable

We want everyone to get the best learning and teaching experience. So, we made it a highly cost-effective learning solution available to all!

Concept Based Learning

Learn Concepts through high quality video lessons and make it registered on your brain.

Video Library

We want everyone to get the best learning and teaching experience. So, we made it a highly cost-effective learning solution available to all!

Comprehensive Study Materials

Get the best learning & teaching tools like Video Lessons, Chapter Notes, Revision Notes, solved question Papers, E Book/Textbook etc.

Reference Materials

Get the best resources like reference videos, Experiments, STEM Videos, NASA Videos, Discovery Videos Etc.

Personalized Learning Dashboard

Login to the personalized learning Portal and get the best learning experience

Career Counselling

Get the best Career Guidance and Counselling support from Certified Career Counselors.

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Eschooly for Teachers

Eschooly offers you world class teaching experience by giving you access to the best-in-class content, technology & innovative teaching ideas.

Video Library for Teachers

Access to more than 4000 topic wise videos and tools. Get the Best video lessons and Simulations for any topic that you want to teach and give more insight to your students.

Excellent Teaching Tools

All your teaching tools and resources like Video elements, Topic wise notes, Revision notes, Question Papers, NCERT Solutions etc. will be available in one single platform.

Make your Classroom Interactive & Engaging

Share these amazing quality videos with your students and probe them and make your classroom highly engaging.

Get things done quickly and easily

Powerful, yet simple tools and workflows help learners and instructors stay organized and stay on track.

Flipped Classroom

Flip your classrooms and let students learn at their own pace while teachers focus class time on interactive activities. Or flip your teachers and give students a new way to practice skills while helping teachers diversify their lesson plans.

Eschooly Advantages

If you are looking for an Excellent Learning & Teaching solution with the best digital content and tools, then Eschooly will be a perfect fit.

Conceptual Clarity through Visualization

Learn & Teach with the Best -in-class Topic Wise Video Tools and elements and understand concepts & topics with better clarity. Video lessons with notes, examples and summary notes are highly effective for teachers and students to make learning & teaching hassle free.

Reach Everyone & Teach Everyone

Everyone should have access to learning, whether it’s in their classroom or in their home. Eschooly brings variety of innovative learning and teaching tools to give you the best learning experience anytime, anywhere.

Learning & Teaching Tools

4000 + High Quality Video Lessons, Chapter Notes, Revision Tools, Practice Questions with Solutions, Reference Tools , Presentations etc.

What I love the most about Eschooly Learning Portal is that I can watch the study videos multiple times until I completely understand the topic. It helps me grasp my concepts better and faster. The video lectures on the Eschooly Learning Portal are so good that you are compelled to watch them. Thank you, Eschooly Team, for making learning so easy, and as I always say, I'm a proud Eschoolian.

Delisha Blessy