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Why Eschooly?

At Eschooly, we offer you a one stop solution for all your learning needs; providing a state of art educational content for students and teachers. Carefully curated subject matter with futuristic approach and blend of technology is the need of the hour and that is what we strive for. A sprawling range of e-learning content for K12 students of CBSE, ICSE and other state boards and diverse teaching resources for educators from around the world to meet your personalized learning requirements.

Our Features

Exclusive Learning Tools Library

  • Chapter Wise Mock Tests
  • Live Class Videos
  • Topic Wise 2D Videos
  • Booster Classes for Maths
  • Topic Wise Reference Videos
  • NCERT E Text Book
  • Chapter Notes
  • Revision Notes
  • Important Points
  • Solved & Unsolved Question Papers
  • Descprtive Questions & Answers
  • Scheduled Mock Test
  • Instant Performance Report
Watch our video to learn more
Watch our video to learn more

Personalized learning:
Not all learners are alike and we must respect and cater to each individual’s diverse learning needs by providing a personalized content which can be utilized by each one in alignment with their innate aptitude.

Technology driven:
Right from using the most picturesque and engaging animations to the 2D and 3D videos for better understanding of concepts we have not left any stone unturned to yield the maximum outputs from learning.

Watch our video to learn more
Watch our video to learn more

Flexibility of use:
On a vacation and hate carrying heavy books? Worry not ! Now you can use Columbus even without an active internet connection anywhere and anytime and that makes it much more user-friendly.

Cost effectiveness:
Unlike several other edtech platforms that burn a hole in your pocket in the name of education, our program is offered to you at an extremely reasonable price so that education and frugality goes hand in hand which in turn leads to happy and satisfied customers.

Watch our video to learn more
Watch our video to learn more

Evaluation based:
To measure the degree of qualitative and quantitative achievements of the learning objectives, we have comprehensive and holistic tests and standardized performance analysis indicators that serve as a feedback system for students and teachers alike which plays a crucial role in any learning process.

Adaptability of questions:
In order to make evaluation appealing to the students, the questions asked are ranked in an increasing order of difficulty. It is because we understand that just like warm up is necessary before an actual workout for the body, in the same way it is important for your child's brain to start acclimatizing to easier questions before moving on to moderate and then more difficult ones.

Watch our video to learn more
Watch our video to learn more

Topic wise video lectures:
We do not want to waste your kid’s time and energy by making him go hither and thither in search of a particular topic or concept and therefore we offer the entire course in a very systematic and topic wise format that makes studies and revision of concepts very effective and time saving.

Interactive notes and reference materials:
Columbus learning website offers you extra reference materials in addition to chapter wise notes, both of which are very interactive and engaging in order to keep the students focused, interested and motivated towards their scholastic tasks and to ensure that what they learn can be retained for a long-lasting period. We intend to make learning something that your child wants to do and not just what he has to do.

Watch our video to learn more