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About Us

Eschooly is a leading Ed Tech company with a great vision of making the best education available and affordable to all students with the use of best technology. We connect with students and teachers and offer the best learning and teaching tools and all our solutions are highly cost effective and affordable to all students.

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Our Mission

Education has the power to transform lives and societies. At Eschooly, we believe learning is a right, not a privilege. We are proud to partner with the global education community and witness your endless passion to ensure learners around the world have access to a quality education.
With you, we can do more, so that the best education possible is accessible for all learners. We help you deliver an integrated experience that addresses individual needs and helps educators shape each learner’s journey to prepare them for the future.

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Eschooly Learning App

A global K12 learning app with 360° approach to complete learning.

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What I love the most about Eschooly Learning Portal is that I can watch the study videos multiple times until I completely understand the topic. It helps me grasp my concepts better and faster. The video lectures on the Eschooly Learning Portal are so good that you are compelled to watch them. Thank you, Eschooly Team, for making learning so easy, and as I always say, I'm a proud Eschoolian.

Delisha Blessy